Thursday, April 3, 2008

 is a site I found for buying electronic music. Most DJs tend to use ...but there are other electronic music sites where you can find very unique tunes from the underground. Also, beatsdigital is great for electronic artists too. Sign up and start selling your music HERE

Very cool site, check it out.
From the website:

Who are we?
BeatsDigital is THE place for DJs and dance music fans to download high quality, legal MP3s in all genres of dance music and electronica.
We are here to provide digital DJs with the fastest dance music download store anywhere on the web!
We are, of course, very passionate about the music but additionally our background runs right back to the dawn of the Internet. Our team brings unrivalled expertise to Beats Digital. We are experts in web application development, hosting infrastructure, data delivery and rights management.
Our system design and development draws on best practices across the Internet to bring a world-class service to our users.
Why are we here?
We are developing our platform from the ground up to unite the music makers with the music fans - to bring the music you like direct to your screen. This is your chance to really participate in the music industry. Its you that makes music evolve as much as the artists and labels producing the sounds. Your choices and tastes shape the music landscape. Our system will involve you the user more than any other, creating an online community who can interact with each other, with the labels, and ultimately with the artists.

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