Monday, April 14, 2008

Virtual world offers bands global stage

A story about our very own Slim Warrior made it to Reuters News. That's the RL Reuters! Personally, I read the SL Reuters and reporter Eric is great. However, I think most of the rest of the world, some-100s-a-millions-a-people read the RL Reuters news. WAY TO GO SLIMMMMIE!!!

Virtual world offers bands global stage
By Dominique Vidalon - Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:38pm EDT

PARIS (Reuters) - Leo Wolff, a woman who joined the online world of Second Life in 2005, bought a small plot of virtual land with eight other musicians and opened the "Virtual Garage" to showcase and perform their music.

Her online character, or avatar, Slim Warrior was the first British musician to perform in the popular virtual world with its own currency and a growing economy. She was also the first to duet online with another artist based as far away as Texas.

... it continues... read the entire story on Reuters HERE

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