Sunday, April 27, 2008

Relay for Life of Second Life: Relay Raiders RAVE for the Cure Rave-a-Thon ~ Wednesday April 30th, 2008

Relay for Life of Second Life
April 30th, 2008 Relay Raiders RAVE for the Cure 24 Hour Rave-a-Thon
12am to 12am

On the Haute Couture Sim

TUNE IN : (To tune in, play this URL in media player or ITunes.... you don't go to the webpage.)

Second Life Time / Live DJ Lineup:

12am DjOsiris Darkstone ...House: Tech & Minimal
1am DJxHalloween Boa ...House: Tech & Funky
2am Captain Switchblade ...Breaks: Dubstep
3am Elfay Pinkdot ...Freestyle
4am DJSVEN Newman ...Drum-n-Bass
5am Amber Mills ...HardTek
6am Eris Alexandre ...House: Electro
7am Stefan Chrousch ...Techno: Electro
8am Coca Supercharge ...House & Trance: Bangin' Hard
9am Twain Decosta ...Drum-n-Bass: Liquidfunk
10am Doubledown Tandino ...Breaks: Funky
11am Phar Hand ...PowerRave
12pm Brad Infinity ...House: Progressive, Tribal, & Electro
1pm Myla Vuckovic ...House: Electro, Tech, & Minimal
2pm Amanda Shinji ...Electro
3pm Cher Harrington ...Rock & Party Jams
4pm Clastix Enzo ...Progressive
5pm Arcan Chemistry ...House: Electro
6pm Init Hubble ...House: Tech, Progressive, & Electro
7pm DJColdFront Revolution ...Trance: Progressive & Electro
8pm Shad Raffke ...Psytrance
9pm Nitron Xi ...Hard House & NRG
10pm Healer Ladybird ...Psytrance
11pm Surprise

May - The Music Continues with a full month of live musicians and singers!
DJ Lineup & Flier by Doubledown Tandino Broadcast Streams provided by The Stream Team
Special Thanks to Moxie Polano, Forda Fairlane & Emee Flanagan for the use of the area & Moxie Polano for the build!

Any updated info will be at:

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