Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Don't Think He's Full of Crap, but He Thinks He's Full of Crap ... about Penguins

From Crap Mariner: "DD sent me a really cool personalized track that inspired this odd tale.
Many thanks to Brad/DD, and here's the story..."

Commonly known as the Drabble, 100 word stories are an extremely brief form of flash-fiction. My obsessive-compulsive nature forces me to write them, record them, and then publish them here for all the world to enjoy or ridicule. Recently, other talented and tortured writers have joined me in my quest to combine brevity with what we hope is wit. Every Saturday, a new Weekly Challenge will be posted. I'll offer up a topic or theme which you will use as the inspiration to write and record your own 100 word story. Then, send them to me via email so I can include them in a podcasted collection for all to enjoy. --Crap Mariner

EDIT: The tune is now posted at

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