Monday, May 26, 2008

'AvaDudes' protest targets AvaStar!

'AvaDudes' protest targets AvaStar!
By: Leider Stepanov & Isolde Flamand

BEING featured as the AvaStar of the Week is one of Second Life's greatest honours.

UNCONVINCING LADIES: The 'AvaDudes' from left to right - Johnnie Mohr, Crap Mariner, Silas Scarborough and Doubledown Tandino demand justice at AvaStar IslandBut for four desperate dudes, it was all too much watching a succession of beautiful women grace the back page of Second Life's best-loved newspaper. Doubledown Tandino, Silas Scarborough, Crap Mariner and Johnnie Mohr decided to take action, and donned blouses, skirts and protest signs and headed for AvaStar Island to complain.

Popular DJ Doubledown, who wore a denim miniskirt and see-through blouse, revealed the demo was part of a larger movement sweeping the grid: "I just showed up at the AvaStar offices as I usually do to beg and to try to make it as AvaStar of the Week. I've been secretly dressing as a woman in the hopes that I would one day make it.

Time for action

"But as I was hanging there week after week, I noticed there were other ladies trying to catch their big break too. Soon, I began to realise that many of these other 'ladies' were in fact... other gentlemen, disguised as women trying to make it into the Avastar. We decided it was time to take action!

"We believe we have all of the qualities of the AvaStar of the Week women and we just want to be counted! Just because we may be more masculine, have bulges in different places, and well, mostly look like dudes, we still deserve the equal chance!"

Judging from the picture, the 'girls' may be waiting a while before they are given the nod by AvaStar bigwigs.

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