Friday, May 16, 2008

Kubrick - Hate Shaped Box - The Music Video

Our very own SL musician and DJ Josey Trautman is the drummer! The video looks amazing, the track is rockin'! Enjoy!

Josey Trautman's SL booking info:
Alternative Rock live Dj

I use SAM and Traktor Dj Studio Software - Behringer Mixer - Sennheiser Mic - Soundbalster Pro Soundcard.

Average setlist is about 35 tracks for 2 hours of live broadcasting.

Some band that I play the most: Theory of a Deadman - Nickelback - Pearl Jam - Breaking Benjamin - Seether - Crossfade - System of a Down - Smashing Pumpkins - Nirvana - Papa Roach - Doughtry - All-American Rejects - Blink 182 - Green Day

Actually I play at:
Aphrodite Club (ask at Voff Uggla);
Titty Twister (ask at Camille Nozaki)
Titty Twister Vip (ask Rudy Bosh)
Golden Sands (ask at Tom Cosmos)
Pink Pussycat Club (ask Rayman Beck)
Montserrat (ask Myra Goodliffe)
Sakaya Club (ask julie Campbell)
Spicy Club (ask Claude Morigi)
The Rail Club (ask Debbie Watson)
The Lighthouse (ask Cinderella Koenkamp)
The Rose Threads (ask Pockley Podolski)

IM me to discuss about booking and prices. Prices are fare and they depend on streaming fees, lenght of performance, SL time you want me to perform at.

Booking for any day of the week are usually possible with at least 24/48 hours earlier request.

-Josey -

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