Thursday, May 8, 2008

Questions and Requests to the DJ & Club Community in SL

I have recently relocated to The SL Music Community Info Island. Although I am not officially open (opening info to be posted soon), I have 3 initial things:

1) Question: What RL DJ/Music Producer would you like to see/hear perform live into Second Life? ( Please keep it realistic. Don't say Tiesto. ) Please reply in comments with some of the DJs in RL you would love to hear in SL. Please DO NOT reply with "hey I can get you DJ such and such, you want him?" I am looking for serveral options, not agents looking to get money. I am looking for various options of RL DJs that we as a SL clubscene would like to hear in SL live.

2) Request: Prior to opening my new shop location, I have Club and DJ ad spaces available. I want these spaces filled PRIOR to opening. SO, any DJs, Clubs, Events, and Promoters, get over to the new RAVELONG LOCATION now, and get the best space. FREE rentals prior to opening! Just pay the space and I will refund you.

3) Please begin to focus your attention to these main groups in Second Life regarding SL DJ, Electronic Music, and Live Music:

a) "Live Turntable DJs" - For Live Turntable DJs, Electronic Music Producers, Beatmatchers, Event Promoters, and the fans that want to stay informed

b) "Live DJ's" - For Playlist DJs, MP3 DJs, Request DJs, Talk DJs, Mix DJs, and the fans that want to stay informed

c) "Electronic Music Informer" - For electronic music producers, and the promotion to fans of electronic music in SL

d) "Live Music Enthusiasts" - For Live Musicians, Live Singers, and the promotion of Live Music in SL

e) "Independant Musicians" - For Independant RL and SL musicians and singers, and the promotion of music to fans.

---There are many wonderful groups in SL that are geared to more specific clubs, djs, and styles of music, anytime you find someone interesting, make sure to check their profile for the groups they belong to. You'll find some interesting niches too. HOWEVER!!!! We also need to encourage people to STOP creating more groups with the same function and same people. We do NOT need any more overall general DJ promo groups, we do not need any more groups about Electronic music. ... I'll say again that niche groups are excellent.... but trying to start another "ALL DJs join this group" group is not needed.

Thank You
Doubledown Tandino.


Coldfront said...


Thank you for everything you have done to promote electronic music both in Second Life and in Real Life. I think you are a huge asset to the community and I was proud to participate in the Rave for a Cure last week.

While I applaud the effort to streamline the electronic community, I have an issue with lumping in "Playlist DJ" with "Mix DJ" and "MP3 Mixing" DJ etc.

I believe this to be a natural extension of the electronic community failing to embrace technology. For a long time, vinyl DJ's were resistant to DJ's using CD's to mix. Now, most of the major DJ sets in clubs all around the world are mixing CD's. Tiesto mixed ISOS 6 using CD's. It's only a matter of time before more and more club DJ's all over the world continue to gravitate to a true electronic format.

When I mix live, and I mix live several times per month, I use a computer program that I have had for years called Mixmeister Pro 1.01, or sometimes Abelton over on the Mac. Either allows me flexibility that CD Djing does not and creates a method to affect the art of mixing, rather than babysitting beats on a dying medium. These tools are used by some live club RL DJ’s already…and the list is growing.

I also produce and remix/edit tracks…using a software sequencer. Does this make my music less “electronic” because it didn’t come from an analog keyboard attached to a hardware synth?

While I do not believe there is any “art” in listing 20 songs in a row and letting them play with no mixing whatsoever, I do believe lumping “MP3 Mixing” with “Playlisting” is a huge disservice to the dj’s out there who have made MP3 mixing on VDJ, Mixmeister, Abelton and other programs into an artform.

I realize this is a larger debate, and that there are strong opinions on both sides of this issue. I also realize there are people still listning CD’s because they refuse to adopt the newer technology available.

Afterall, anyone truly listening to a live perfomance is there to experience the thrill, the thrill comes from a good set that takes them on a wonderful journey through this genre, whether it be “electro”, “trance”, hard house” or whatever artificial label the record label created.

Thank you again for your contributions.

Mike (AKA Coldfront)

HallucinoGirl said...

Hey what about "Shad's Ass Fanatics" group?...did you forget that one?!! GEE! It's only like the single best group in all of SL!!! >:-0

Brad Reason/DJ Doubledown said...

Hi Coldfront. That's completely what I'm avoiding. The LIVE DJs group has DJ tags specific for each DJ. So, the DJs are clumped together, but each DJ is in their own subgroup.

The Live Turntable DJs group has opened up to anyone who beatmatches a set and no mixing is prerecorded.

D-Lish-A said...

Couldn't have said it better thoughts exactly. And yesss, what about ass fanatics omg!....

Coldfront said...

Hi Doulbledown...

First of all, I am a sucker for nice legs. Ask anyone, they will tell you it's true.

Second, thank you for letting me air that out there. I am pretty sure I have an inferiority complex going on because I have a huge amount of respect for the people who came before me and created this artform.

Quite simply I didn't realize the live group was open to us beatmatchers!

Anyway, I do think there should be more discussion in the community on this issue, and I think I could have picked a better place to start it.

Again, thank you for your contributions and organizing this monster we call electronic music in Second Life.


Brad Reason/DJ Doubledown said...

Yes, it's a shame we can't change the title of the groups. Cause the "Live Turntable DJs" group changed awhile ago to include beatmatchers. I wanted that group initially to seperate from playlist DJs. Now, 2 years later, mixing on computer is commonplace, and no one looks down on it.

The technology is arriving rapidly... I wish LL had the technology so we could change group names.

But yeah, "Live Turntable DJs" group is for anyone mixing and beatmatching.