Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pink Floyd's "The Wall" - Weekends in May at Haven's Paradise

As mentioned HERE & HERE, "The Wall" performances in SL have been making waves.
Be sure to check out the show weekends at Haven's Paradise in May.

I was lucky enough to get boxed seats for May 3rds show, which had over 140 in attendance.

The CARP Wall Team:
Creative Director: Debbie Trilling (UK)
Producer: Velazquez ‘The Global Wizard’ Bonetto (Germany)
Wall Design: Elfod Nemeth (UK)
Giant Animated Puppets: Duggy Bing (US)
Costumes & Animations: Caravaggio Bonetto (Austria)
Music: Junivers Stockholm (Sweden) & Josina Burgess (Holland)
Machinema: Eifachfilm Vacirca (Switzerland)
with valuable contributions from:Scio Kamanchi (US)
Celeste Moonlight (US)
DJ Jenns (UK)
Adec Alexandria (UK)
George W Bush (US)
and, of course, Pink Floyd's incredible album 'The Wall'

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