Friday, July 4, 2008

Doubledown's Dinky Rant - SL5B Music in SL Panel Discussion

Continuing my approach to adjust my blog, I preset the first of many

"Doubledown's Dinky Rants"
... a rant that may be mildly to severly unimportant ( with a sarcastic humorous tone ) but will also hopefully point out an underlining issue that may want to be considered for the future.

SL5B Music in SL Panel Discussion was held June 23rd. .... I would have loved to have informed ya about it. In fact, I would have loved to have known about it. Unforunately I don't receive word until I find out about it July 3rd

Thank you Phoenix Psaltery of Metaverse Messenger for covering the event.
Thank you Sansarya Caligari of Second Life News Network for covering the event.

Now, given, in my all new dinky rants I'm allowed to be a conceited asshole so my question to the SL universe is: "Why didn't anyone inform me?" I read all of the SL blogs & forums daily & check the news. I also have many friends that were speakers at the event. Or even friends of people that were at the event? Was I living under a rock that day? So why the hell didn't I hear about it? I'm sure people are going to show me online locations and inworld stuff that shows the prepromotion of this panel discussion... but I sure never saw it. /end rant

My point is that the SL metaverse is a massive overwhelming salad bowl of constant happenings. You can't follow all of the events all of the time however you can always receive the advanced event notice, the invite, or the promotion associated with the event. If I am not receiving your promotional information, other people are not either. Every event, every performance, every seminar, every discussion... if you want the people present that you want there, you need to make them aware. If you are at an event and you see someone that should be there, but is not, IM them and invite em over :O)


hexx Triskaidekaphobia said...

'Buzz' might be the keyword here, DD. Forum announcements, event listings, articles in blogs and other online publications are of course necessary and useful, but nothing beats the buzz of people attending an event and calling in their friends.

Add patience, hard work and some luck to that buzz and it just might take off!

Needless to say, it helps when the music (or mother event) truly rocks.

Zak Claxton said...

I went to this panel event. It was actually the very first panel of any kind at SL5B beyond the keynote address. And yes, we had several friends there, in the audience and on the panel too.

I believe the only reason I was aware of it was that I was looking at the whole schedule for SL5B since I was performing there, and I saw it on a list.

If it's any consolation, it had the typical problems with these panels in SL. It was done via voice, and some people sounded great (Slim Warrior), and others were barely hearable. I stuck around for awhile until the constant raising and lower of volume I had to do to hear anything got too frustrating, and I split.

But yeah, I wish you'd known about it.