Monday, July 14, 2008

Second Inventory - Back up and Store your Second Life creations on your Harddrive

In the height of inventory loss, content deletion, and one's own potential to press the delete button accidentally, I wanted to give a mention to this product:

Second Inventory

Second Inventory allows you to save all your creations directly to your hard drive. This includes, Skins, Textures, Scripts and even complex multi-prim objects! Your precious time and investments in Second Life® content can now be securely protected off world.

I have not used it myself, so I cannot give a rating, but I did want to give these guys some business, because, if it is what it says, it's AWESOME! As Open Simulators and co-connecting virtual worlds become more intertwined, this backup storage program will be an amazing breakthrough. It also seems to be a great tool to completely make an object you made in Second Life 100% yours. Once your creation is saved out of Second Life, then even if your SL account is banned, you still retain your intellectual property.

Hopefully someone who checks out the program can comment here on their thoughts.

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