Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Did the Second Life Musicians save TheSixtyOne.com?

This is a hard story to follow. Its sort of complex. So, hopefully everyone involved can chime in my comments to add knowledge to this.

Here's the scoop the best I can explain it:

on Thesixtyone.com there are forums.
This was posted:

This offended many of the users of SL that are also users of thesixtyone.
I, personally stated it here: IM DONE WITH THE61

But then I posted this thread on their forums:
It's over 70 replies.... and all of the SL members of thesixtyone are already soured and have left. But I think I got the chance to hit a grand slam for us, which perhaps saved the fate of the website.

I don't know if there's any point now. I think the damage was done and Second Life residents are in most part not in support of thesixtyone anymore.... but I'm glad I got to leave with my mark. I think it was because of my final thread that the website removed their forums.
I don't want to take credit. It was a whole series of events, and I layed the icing on the cake at the right time.

So, its your decision if you want to continue to use thesixtyone or not. I am thrilled that I did receive a direct response and action from the webmasters. To me, that said a lot. I will see how thesixtyone site plays out. I'm not leaving, and maybe soon again I will be proud to promote the site... I think they are back on the right path.

ADDED FOOTNOTE: this is so confusing.... the cliff notes are:
SL musicians had a problem with thesixtyone
SLMC is a forum where I can post info and links
SLMC - That's the Second Life Music Community! AWESOME!!!!!!
...so it's confusing... I used links to posts on the SLMC forums in regards to thesixtyone.
... there is NOOO issue with SLMC.... this is all about thesixtyone.


Dolmere said...

FYI since I don't think you ever hit that forum:




Brad Reason/DJ Doubledown said...

Yes, the maxbumps.net "stuff" also took place which is a crux of the drama of this story too.

I read maxbumps.net for a message or two and decided never to check it out again. it's just a blog, not officially thesixtyone, so everything that went down on maxbumps did indeed also lead to this.