Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Lost" in Second Life The SL-Lost Project

Recently, this video was discovered off the coast of the mainland in Second Life:

Want to visit SL "Lost" Island and investigate, & possibly save the world?
Click these numbers below:
4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42

You know me, I AM DOUBLEDOWN, I must save the world. (Or possibly save the cheerleaders...but I digress) I'm headed over to the Swan Hatch now. Also, check the video, and pause it at 1:55. I think that might be a clue to join the game.

Photos to come VERY soon.

About the team that created the SL-Lost project

SL-LOST came to be because of a mutual interest in creating an entirely new fan base, one that meets to discuss episodes of LOST in a virtual setting. It is a combination of people from all over the world with two things in common: Second Life and being fans of the show LOST.

In May of 2007 several LOST fans began building the virtual island of LOST in Second Life, after a slow start and with the determination of two of the groups original members Campetin Hoorenbeek and Samantha Kuncoro, the group became better organized and with a handful of people were able to see 55 % of what they wanted for the island completed. When, suddenly at the end of October 2007 the original financial owner of the island disappeared with out giving his group any warning or explanation. All seemed lost for the handful of SL-LOST members that remained devoted to the idea of creating this new virtual fan base.

In late November the original island was opened back up for 24 hours in order for members of the group to collect the items they made. That day Campetin took video footage of the island and put together a video showcasing what was done. The idea was to attract new members to SL-LOST, with the hope they may be interested in contributing financially, so at some point the group would be able purchase new land and rebuild the island. At the same time Campetin and Samantha began working on this website, and once the video was done Campetin put it on several web sites. Campetin and Samantha also found a new place in Second Life to open a meeting area, which became SL-LOST Headquarters. This enabled fans to have a place to meet and discuss LOST. A month before the season 4 premier they started hosting events for the group, discussing various characters and story lines. At this time a wonderful thing began to happen, the word about SL-LOST and the island they once had as well as their website and group events started getting noticed.

More and more LOST fans began joining SL-LOST and donating their time, money, and ideas in order to see the dream of a new virtual LOST island realized. It is because of the group’s growth and all the wonderful support that now SL-LOST has begun to reconstruct a portion of the island they once had, starting with the Swan Station or better known as the hatch. This time because of the great amount of help and support, it is even better than the original, and there are plans to expand.

Campetin and Samantha would like to especially thank Emma Nowhere, Keith Kendall, Boosh Lykin, Van Boiblanc, Madeleine Broome, Jiggy Shepard, Ainee Kohime, Josephine Fayray, Zico Handrick (thanks for the amazing photos!), Pharen Mayako and Kat2Kit for their great skills and support. They would also like to thank all of the SL-LOST members and anyone else they may have forgotten.

If you have any question please email us to sl_lost@hotmail.com


Salazar Jack said...

This is a message I posted a few days ago in the Second Life forums in response to a comment someone made about the possibility of Magellan Linden getting stranded on the island in question...


I wonder if there is a connection?

Brad Reason/DJ Doubledown said...

Funniest thing I've said in awhile happened today and no one was around. But it hilarious to myself.

I sat down at the SL Swan Hatch Computer.. and type:

"Hello Joshua, let's play Global Thermal Nuclear War"

I hope I get to walk in when all the SL Lost staff is hanging out, and get to say that line again.