Sunday, September 21, 2008

5th Anniversary of FOEM - September 21st, 2008

FOEM - 5th Anniversary Party
SEPTEMBER 21st, 7am - 11pm (slt)
@ "The Basement" / Anymotion

The schedule starts at 7 am slt and last one starts at 10 pm slt, what a day this will be!!


Basically it is an international forum and provides a lot of opportunities for both experienced and inexperienced DJ's. There are lots of remix contests and opportunities for downloads for free of some of the best music to be heard. There is no charge for membership, and the members help each other with all sorts of things including how-to's for different mixers and other equipment. Mostly they do promo for young talents, hence the name. All genre's of electronic music are to be found here, and the members interactions are both interesting and informative. At the present time there are over 11,000 members and most of them are active members meaning that they use the different forums and participate in what I believe is over

The also do offer paid promotion services at a very reasonable price, and all proceeds from this go directly back into FOEM to support their efforts. They also have a net label for releases to their members. They have recently started to do visual releases as well, and have a few vinyl releases out.

Who we are - What we do:

FOEM is an independent A&R agency, promotion agency, licensing agency, talent resource and netlabel, driven by people from all over our small planet. We just love the music and do not want the private individuals to pay for it. The music is completely free and legal to download.

Our intention is to distribute electronic music from artists of all electronic music genres. The CDs are downloaded by private individuals as well as by talent scouts, record labels, advertising agencies and companies which need the music as content for their media productions. FOEM negotiates the contracts for the artists.

RL artist names (scroll down for SL names) - SLT (secondlife time)

07.00 am GT Serbia Style: techhouse / electro

07.45 am Dee Green Rome, IT Style: techno / minimal / dub / deep

08.30 am Laurent Caligares Lyon, FR Style: electro / minimal

09.15 am DJ Clik Singapore Style: live-act / djset + live synth

10.00 am DJ Ionic Luxembourg, LX Style: minimal /minimal tech

10.45 am DJ Acid Kills Croatia Style: progressive house / electronica / trnc

11.30 am DJ Matt Gill Leeds, UK Style: techhouse / progressive house

12.15 pm Bioni Samp Londen, UK Style: live-act & visual / minimal / techno

01.00 pm Noraj Cue Amsterdam, NL Style: own productions set + live edits

01.45 pm Yuzien Born North Carolina, USA Style: breaks / experimental

02.30 pm Spenza Berlin, DE Style: nu rave / electro house

03.15 pm A8 Berlin, DE Style: acid / techno / breaks /

04.00 pm Trevor Caruso Detroit, US Style: dark minimal / tech

04.45 pm Psonikadia Brighton, UK Style: djset / live-act

05.30 pm Sam Rockwell Canada Style: elektro / progr / techno / mnml

06.15 pm Yallah Fingah Brazil Style: Djset / techno / house

07.00 pm Freakmund Zoid Passau, DE Style: Djset / Electrohouse / minimal

07.45 pm DJ Elisha Seattle, USA Style: Hardtechno / Schranz / Detroit

08.30 pm DJ Grip Talon Minneapolis, USA Style: techno / elektro / house

09.15 pm Jubilee Washington DC, USA Style: ableton live loops & edits set

10.00 pm Zarbeat Mexico, USA Style: Djset-live-act / mnml / 4 decks + Ableton


Secondlife names... in the same order as above:

07.00 am Gabor Turbo
07.45 am Green Lannock
08.30 am Genome Diesel
09.15 am Clik Magic
10.00 am Ionic Benton
10.45 am Acidkills Sideshow
11.30 am Mamoo Mannonen
12.15 pm Samp String
01.00 pm 2ndthoughts Brando
01.45 pm YuzienBorn Janus
02.30 pm Dave Attenborough
03.15 pm Altern8 Mcmillan
04.00 pm Tiari Eun
04.45 pm Pson Zanzibar
05.30 pm Zam Robonaught
06.15 pm Maxiboom Boram
07.00 pm Quirin McCallen
07.45 pm Elisha Richez
08.30 pm Grip Talon
09.15 pm Jubilee Ceriano
10.00 pm Zar Boa

Thanks to Justine Perenti, Eliza Moody, Elisha Richez, Elizabeth Hallstrom, 2ndthoughts Brando, GRIP Talon, Tiari Eun, Mamoo Mannonen, Doubledown Tandino, Robot Recreant, Alfred Kabuki, SiKK Designs, F.A.T. Designz, and many others that just popped in with great input!

"It's been a dream of 2nds and mine for over a year now to introduce FOEM artists into sl, and it's finally happening!!! :)) " -Justine Perenti

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