Thursday, September 4, 2008

Doubledown's Dinky Rants - Virtual Worlds Created for Collaboration still remain in Isolation

After viewing this:

I got a nice warm feeling about the future, followed by a feeling of nausea. These smart-alecs that can create virual worlds may be missing the point. Each virtual world is about community & collaboration. The users make the world, no matter how much the company prefabricates it. The entire concept of "virtual universe" or "virtual internet space" is a brilliant thing..... but do we need 50 of them???

I was watching this video, thinking, there's 50 (or more) collectives... or groups... or companies.. or just one smart nerd in the basement.... making these virtual worlds... for people to log in to and collaborate in.... however, not one of these virtual worlds has yet to work with another virtual world. Practical virtual spaces have been in operation for over a decade. Not ONE of these worlds has yet to connect to another.

My view: I watch this video of 50 of the same concept, with the same redundant technology, and same perspective of the internet. It's about time these virtual universes start collaborating much like their users inside.

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