Monday, September 15, 2008

Could your Second Life Machinima be good enough to win $7500usd

Machinima makers of Second Life may want to jump on this contest, especially because the total money jackpot they're giving out is a whopping $125,000usd!!! That's 10 $7500usd awards and 10 $5000usd awards!

The film project: "Make a 3-minute film about a person with a Digital Crib" could easily be won by a talented SL machinimist. In fact, in my opinion, a good SL video could easily place up in the winners circle among any live-action when the task at hand is about digital technology. WOO! I hope a SLer can take this one home for the pixelated peoples! Remember me when you win a crapload of money!

From the contest website FILMAKA

* Make a 3-minute film about a person with a Digital Crib

* Make a 3-minute film about the Crib

Find someone who has a passion for digital technology and is using it in their home in a unique and creative way. Interview them in their space and get them to talk about what they do, why it excites them and how they are using technology in their personal lives. Your subject should have lots of personality and be interesting and engaging to a wide audience - this is a great opportunity for them as well. This person should mention their favorite digital service and who their service provider is. The second half of your entry will be a separate clip that gives a tour of the tech equipment and a look at how this technology has impacted the life of everyone living in the Digital Crib.

All submissions must be uploaded through the Filmaka website by October 13, 24:00 hours PST
HD preferred but not required
In your native language with English subtitles
Photo & info about you & your subject

Cisco strongly prefers submissions in High Definition Video and 16 x 9 aspect ratio, however, no one should fear exclusion because they don't have access to HD equipment. Creativity is most important in your submission. We want to hear your interview in your native language - but subtitle your clip in English (if you are not a native English-speaker). Filmmakers submitting to this competition should upload a clear headshot and bio to their Filmaka profile and be ready to provide more information about themselves and their subject if they are selected as winners.

For more details on what Cisco is looking for, click here.


10 Brand Awards of $7500 each

10 Voter's Choice Awards of $5000 each

Possibility of having your clip featured on as part of the Digital Cribs marketing campaign

Cisco and Filmaka will select 10 Brand Winners to receive $7500 USD each. The remaining films will then be voted on to determine 10 Voter's Choice Winners who will receive $5000 each. Both Brand and Voter's Choice Winners may be featured on or other websites as part of Cisco's Digital Cribs promotions. These clips will be distributed across over 200 video sites and blogs.

The winning filmmakers will likely have their work seen by millions of viewers!


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