Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reason.TV - Drew Carey's Second Life Episode

----------> REASON.TV - Episode: Second Life <------------ Here it is! Drew Carey's ""
... tonight's episode: Second Life.
This appears to be an episode not yet released, but as I mentioned months ago, Drew and I met up to have a little chat, and that I would be appearing in an upcoming episode featuring Second Life.

I want to especially thank Drew and his Second Life crew for using 5 ORIGINAL TUNES of mine for the episode!!! I cannot express how appreciative I am at the music usage.

Drew Carey (Who's Line is it Anyway, The Price is Right) is a top-list comedy producer, writer, actor, among many things. He is also an activist. Not only an activist, but the right kind of activist. The kind of activist the world needs. I have always loved Drew Carey's entertainment work, however I have never been more thrilled and appreciative with the work that he is doing with Reason.TV. I encourage everyone to check out, many, if not ALL of the previous episodes.

Thank you to Holli Hollwood for delivering the first footage to me! Holli Hollwood's Weblog

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