Monday, February 23, 2009

8 Reasons Why Second Life is Excellent (and why ValleyWag is Full of Crap and Wrong About Second Life)

8 Reasons ValleyWag is Full of Crap & Flat Out Wrong About Second Life

"Yesterday ValleyWag wrote a poorly constructed post declaring Second Life dead and trashing education and teachers...

Here are 8 Reasons ValleyWag is Full of Crap & Flat Out Wrong About Second Life

1. Video Production Tool - Second Life is hands down one of the best machinima video production tools around including advanced 3d video production tools for making movies and many examples of professional commercials made in Second Life.

2. Conducting Scientific Research and Model Simulations - Volcano eruptions, scientific research, and even forensic analysis conducted in Second Life to solve real world crimes.

3. Limitless Things to Do - Just take a look at the Virtual World Experiences section of this blog or a Video of Different Second Life Activities - Including skateboarding, surfing, horseback riding, scuba diving, ice skating, skiing.

4. Better than PS3 Home and World of Warcraft - Read the 10 Reasons Second Life is Better Than PS3 Home and the Ten Reasons Why Second Life is Better than World of Warcraft.

5. Virtual Education is a Good Thing - Umm hello? Why do you think there are so many profitable online universities? Isn’t cutting costs and educating people a good thing? Oh that’s right you have no respect for teachers. Apart from traditional virtual education in Second Life there are also sailing video tutorials and similar projects made every day in Second Life.

6. Business for Profit or Business as Gameplay - Some people actually enjoy running a low stakes virtual business in their free time for fun.

7. Business Meetings - ValleyWag even admits that businesses and organizations are actively holding virtual meetings in Second Life. This includes showing Powerpoint presentations in the virtual world and even alcoholics anonymous meetings.

8. Second Life is an MMORPG Game Development Platform - Second Life is being actively used to create new massively multiplayer online role playing games, mini games are created in Second Life such as virtual soccer. "

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