Saturday, February 21, 2009

Club Moments in SL - Photo Caption Contest

What do Doubledown Tandino, Tasty Hax, a pornographic magazine, animated nipples, and a chicken all have in common?

They were all up on stage at the Sin City Music Club on Friday night in this photograph.

From time to time you catch a random second life party moment that defies words... or does it? \

We are looking for the best caption to go along with this photo.
Post your responses in the comments.
This Photo Caption Contest is for a $1000L Ravelong Club Shop Gift Card.
Winner will be announced in comments in a few days.
Stay tuned for future Photo Caption Contests brought to you by Ravelong.


MaryJoanne said...

Does it have to be PG ?

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

Of course not :OP
I'm not quite sure if the photo is PG or not.

MaryJoanne said...

Two naked Chicks fighting for one hell of a censured Dick

Anonymous said...

which came first, the chicken or the egg