Friday, February 27, 2009

Poll of the Day - Which Music Styles are Missing or Lacking the Most in Second Life?

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Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

What's cool is that this has turned into conversations inworld beyond the poll.

Here's a few of my extra random findings:

-The 3 most performed music genres in SL are jazz, acoustic rock/folk, and electronica/house (with blues following right behind). They have always remained steady as the most frequent of shows and have always had the largest of fanbases. These genres show that there's a higher sophistication and intellect of music listeners in SL than in RL. In RL the most popular genre is mainstream top40 (obviously).

-In relation to jazz, SLers have always been very supportive and appreciative of 'good jazz', modern jazz, and fusion (rather than smooth jazz and standards).

-In 2007, there were more music shows that were in the metal, industrial, ebm, and goth categories than there are in 2009.

-In 2007, there were more DJs playing top 40 and mainstream radio hits (the mtv and radio tunes). What is excellent about the SL music scene, is that the crowd wants something unique and original sounding. I'm glad that the mainstream label-pushed radiohit music does not have a large following inworld, although there's enough of it in SL to say we're not lacking in those DJ events.

-Hiphop has generally remained the same, rare. However, in 2007 there were several very talented live hiphop/rap artists in SL. Currently there are no regular hiphop performers. Personally, I'm suprised by this. I wouldve though there would be a large hiphop following/movement in SL, but there hasn't been.

-Dubstep has been stedily rising in SL, mainly by several very talented DJs, MCs, and crews pushing and supporting the sounds. I'm very thrilled and suprised how much dubstep has taken off in SL. Since 2007, the dubstep, drumnbass, and reggae scenes have all risen to become popular in SL and yet still has stayed underground enough to keep that RL vibe of the UK grime sounds.

-Its very rare that a live singer or coversong musician in SL will cover a motown, funk, or disco.

-Generally, then and now, musicians have consistantly pumped out original material. I do believe that SL is actually a correlation for some music artists to create more original music. The SL audience is there, waiting for em, so I think that encourages musicians to continue to thurst to create new material and perform it inworld.

-Many music fans in SL (much more than in RL) are very receptive to eclectic, unique, or fusion/experimental sounds. The crowd that enjoys the random leftfield music is pletiful and appreciative.

-Celtic, and a fanbase for celtic has made an appearance.

-DJs spinning oldies (50s, 60s, or prior) has lessened.

-There are not really any punkrock shows or followings in SL, however if there were a DJ spining punk regularily, there'd be a large crowd.

-There's not as much big band, swing, and standards performed as I wouldve thought there would've been by now. The rare occurance where a singer performs some standards usually goes over as a massive hit and also draws many of the upper-elite of SL to the event.

-Strangely there seems to not be much country anymore... or rather, people performing country music. There was more in 2007 than there are now. Country is the only music genre generally no one is asking for more of, however, the several country musicians in SL that have been doing it in SL for a few years have a large, loyal following. The country/western original music artists we have in SL are 1000x better than any RL country music in my opinion.

-Also strangely, many many DJs spin electronic music, however 80s and 90s classic techno is rarely played.

-Some of the 'other' music genres SLers say we need more of: terror polka, monk-hop, and Lindencore... whatever those are.