Monday, June 1, 2009

DJ Hero Sountrack Rumours Include Benny Benassi, Tiesto, Eric Prydz, Daft Punk and Herbie Hancock

Activsion’s DJ Hero Sountrack Rumours Include Benny Benassi, Tiesto, Eric Prydz, Daft Punk and Herbie Hancock
by Hootie of 124 Beats Per Minute

"With the highly anticipated release of Activision’s DJ Hero, one can only hope that Dance Music will be well represented. There is a true opportunity to have a huge worldwide hit by including something for the millions of Electronic Dance Music enthusiasts around the world that represent every nation.
I am skeptical. We have all seen Dance Music take a backseat before in the past from American companies, while Trance and House Music artists continue to draw hundreds of thousands of fans at events and festivals around the world.

If Activision can pull this off correctly, they will attract a whole new market base of Adults with disposable income, worldwide, that will put the current target market of teens, who have no money of their own, to shame.

Over 100 individual songs based on master recordings have been licensed by Activision, composed into over 80 two-song mixes by participating internationally-known DJs; some mixes will feature the same song as both parts of the mix. Such mix artists include DJ Shadow, DJ z-Trip, DJ AM and Daft Punk. Initial industry speculation stated that DJ Tiësto would be involved with the game, but this was eventually denied. Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys was reported to have signed an exclusivity deal with 7 Studios to appear in their game Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, meaning that he would also not appear on DJ Hero.

The individual songs themselves have been pulled from a large number of music genres, including grunge, soul, R&B, techno, hip hop, and house. The mixes listed below have been confirmed to be in the game. Additionally, the songs “The Way You Move” by Outkast, “Hip Hop” by Dead Prez, and Tiesto’s “Elements Of Life”, and additional songs from 50 Cent, Justice, N.E.R.D., Beastie Boys, Beck, Blondie and Billy Squier are confirmed to be in the game. In addition to mixes using individual songs from both Eminem and Jay-Z, including Jay-Z’s “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” and “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”, there will be a Eminem/Jay-Z mix song. Eminem also stated that he will have additional songs included later in the year as downloadable content for the game. Universal Music Group is providing much of the content for the game. - Wikipedia


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jammerz said...

i gotta ask. why would dj hero put controls on the top of the dj deck? doesnt make sense...they should learn from scratch and do it right