Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brad Reason (Doubledown Tandino) is giving away his New Album *Multiple Worlds*

Brad Reason (Doubledown Tandino in Second Life)
Electronica/Dance / DJ / Experimental

That's right! I, Brad Reason, am giving away my new 2010 album release "Multiple Worlds."    The new album is currently not released and not available to the public.
Over the past few years, I have been performing live into the virtual world known as Second Life under the name Doubledown Tandino.  Through my experiences and exploration inworld, I have created instrumental electronic music inspired by this immersive environment.

14 original tracks by Brad Reason (with one collaboration track by Slim Girl Fat).  The music styles include eclectic electronica, nujazz breakbeat, house, drum-n-bass, intelligent dance music, avant-garde, & experimental.

The contest is simple: Listen to my tunes at  The FIVE people that listen to the most tunes between now and March 15th will receive the digital album release "Multiple Worlds" for FREE. The album comes in digital MP3 format and will be delivered straight to your email inbox.  FIVE people will receive my unreleased new album for free simply by listening to music.

Happy listening,
Brad Reason  (aka Doubledown Tandino)


"CNNMoney interviews Brad Reason (Doubledown Tandino) "BEST JOBS: Second Life DJ""  CNN: Matthew Leung, CNNMoney

"Doubledown Tandino wins The Live Entertainment Music Award 2009 inSL for Best Live DJ!"  LEMA-Awards, LEMA AWARDS inS - The Live Entertainment Music Awards

"Electrolux & Millions of Us Honors Doubledown Tandino as DJ Innovator""  Blair, Millions of Us

"...DJ Doubledown Tandino—the pseudonym of Brad Reason is in demand for virtual clubs inside of Second Life.."  Eric Rice aka Spin Martin, URB Magazine

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