Friday, February 12, 2010

Second Life DJs - Unite and Vote on

The DJ List is a DJ ranking site that's been around for a long time.  It's a site devoted to ranking the popularity of DJs based on votes.  Needless to say, the general population of club goers around the world fall for the "DJ superstar" image usually, and don't always understand or appreciate what it actually means to be a good DJ spinning good music (hence: Tiesto is always ranked #1).

I figure, lets team up and vote for each other.
The Second Life DJs and Second Life DJ fans should team up and vote for each other on the site.  There's a slew of fresh, modern, innovative DJs in Second Life right now.  There's also a massive handful of dedicated DJ listeners and followers inworld. Lets tap into our collective, and vote up Second Life DJs listed on!

* If you're a DJ in Second Life, and also on TheDJList, then post the link to your page in the comments of this post (the link to comment is at the end of this post)
* If you're a fan of a DJ in Second Life that's listed on the site, post their link in comments.
* If you're not listed on TheDJList, join the site, grab yourself a DJ page, and post your link in comments.

I will update this post (or perhaps create a new post every so often) with the DJ's badges that are added to the comments of this post.

To vote for a DJ on TheDJList, just visit the DJ's page after you've signed into the site.

I will make sure I vote for every Second Life DJ that has a TheDJList page, and I encourage everyone else from Second Life to continually vote up the Second Life DJs.

(personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Tiesto bumped off his throne.)


Reiko Arashi said...

Good Idea! I'll reccomend my fellow Asian music Dj's do the same and we'll all band together. It's all music in the end isn't it?

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

It sure is.

I'd love to see a HUGE SWARM of Second Life DJs fly up in the rankings on there, suddenly, out of the blue.

It'd be a neat sight.

Divine Law said...

great idea...

Shame the rating system can't also show how reliable etc a DJ is... I get sooo many club owners telling me that GOOD RELIABLE DJ's are virtually impossible to find in SL... So all you fellow DJ's - take note!!!

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

I completely agree Divine. The site is kind of pointless, but it'd be insane awesome to see tons of SL DJs rise in the ranks.

But you're right, if there was actually a real voting system, with ways to vote on sub-categories about the DJs, it would be very useful. Instead the site has chosen just to be a click-vote-popularity contest that doesn't have much credibility or merit. That's why I think us SLers should take it over! hahaha!