Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pitch Auto-Correction To Make Me Sound Like Kanye

Kevye West: 808s and Expiration Dates (Guac Lockdown)

Pitch auto-correction and a simple beat can make anything chart-worthy; even a freestyle about guacamole and expired milk.

kevin pereira ::
joe lynch ::
luis hurtado ::


Below, is the tutorial on how to create a piece of "music" using AutoTune. Spoiler alert: If you watch this tutorial and use autotune for creating your music, not only will your artistic integrity be sucked out of your immortal soul within seconds, but also a cute puppy dies.

I posted this video, to simply show the educational value... but I highly advise against actually creating your own music this way. People... autotune... it's pathetic. It sounds like trash, and it provides the key for listeners to instantly know you have no imagination or talent whatsoever. Don't do it... remember, puppies die.

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MaryJoanne Sideways said...

Rofl lameo *cough* lmao :)