Friday, February 26, 2010

In Case You Missed it: Second Life Press Highlights from the Week of February 22

In Case You Missed it: Second Life Press Highlights from the Week of February 22
Posted by Pete Linden 

It's been quite a week for Second Life press! The press archive page has been updated with more Second Life press coverage, and below are some highlights from the week.

Viewer 2 launched in beta on Tuesday, with some great press attention. One of my favorite pieces was Robert Scoble's video interview with M Linden, which you can watch over at Building 43. Robert took the time to visit the Lab on Battery Street here in San Francisco last Friday to film the interview, and he and M had a great conversation. Mitch Wagner (aka the Copper Robot) also published a thoughtful review of Viewer 2 (and a follow-up) for Computerworld after having interviewed T Linden inworld. There's so much more good stuff on this topic - including great posts from well-known Second Life bloggers, so please do check out the archive for more. Next week, you can check out Amanda Linden and Esbee Linden on Wednesday's episode of Metanomics, where they'll be talking more about Viewer 2 and the beta launch.SecondLifeBetaViewer2.jpg
If you're following @SLBallyhoo on Twitter, you may already seen a great CNN Money segment about Second Life DJ Doubledown Tandino as part of their 'Best Job's series. Congratulations on the great coverage, Doubledown!
Buddhist magazine the Shambhala Sun carried an article sharing one Buddhist's experience exploring Second Life. In it, the author (pictured right, from the site) writes that he joined a discussion with about 20 other avatars and says, "For me this was great: I hadn’t met many Buddhists in the real world so it had been hard to discuss things I was curious about." This gets at one of the great things about Second Life - the opportunity to connect with (and learn from) others in a meaningful way that you may not have the chance to in the physical world.

Not Second Life-specific, but interesting nonetheless: this week, the AFP covered research from Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab, exploring the impact that having an avatar can have on the rest of our lives. You can find the AFP piece over at France24, and check out Stanford University News' coverage of it as well.

Also this week, Ethical Corporation published a post about a new book called The Responsibility Revolution, which will be released on March 15. Linden Lab is among the companies profiled in the book, and some of our internal tools like the Love Machine are presented.
As always, check out the press archive and follow @SLBallyhoo on Twitter for more Second Life coverage highlights - there's more coming!

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