Saturday, December 26, 2009

Audio Broadcast Streams - Musicians, Singers, & DJs: Perform Live Online to an Audience Around the World and in to Second Life & Virtual Worlds (updated Jan2010)

Ravelong Broadcast Stream Rentals
for Virtual Worlds and the internet. (Shoutcast)

To inquire, get more info, or to purchase a stream:
Email or visit Ravelong Productions in Second Life
(inSL, contact Doubledown Tandino)


The concept:
It is possible to perform live music, sing, and DJ from your real life home.  Many people from around the world can tune in and listen.  Anyone can tune in to a live broadcast stream provided they have a broadband connection, meaning, listeners can tune in from the internet, from their mobile device such as a phone and avatars in-world can tune in too.

How DJing over the internet and into a virtual world works:
The DJ or musician plays/performs (in any computer software music player, external live instrument or DJ equipment). A program (Shoutcast, Simplecast, SAM, etc) on your computer then sends out any sound going through your computer's sound card. Your broadcast reaches a server relay and this is what is needed to stream music live at HIGH QUALITY.  The stream comes with a listener link. Any listener may hear the music you play LIVE. (For Second Life or a virtual world, that link goes into the land's music/audio link in order for inworld avatars to hear your broadcast.

Why rent one of your audio streams and not use some free streaming site?
Free streaming sites are low-quality sound.  You could be performing the greatest set of your life, and it sounds great to you in your home studio, however the listeners hear poor, lower than radio quality sound.  Dropouts, cut-offs, unstable, inconsistent low-quality sound is what you ALWAYS get with free streaming (for example: Ustream, Livestream, Tinychat, etc).  Free streaming sites and video conferencing sites were meant for voice discussion, and low-quality audio (at audio qualities of 32kbps or 64kbps which is worse than radio).  To perform an excellent pristine audio quality live show, you will want to make sure your audience hears what you hear, at CD-quality sound or above.

Free streaming sites do not come with customer service, technical support, troubleshooting, and emergency backup.  I do.   Now, with our 2010 improved servers and ISP, we are running at 100% uptime. Some clients that have relied on my streaming service have included IBM, Playboy, and many individual performers.  ALL have been with me (some for several years) because of my customer support AND quality of service.

OK, so, how much is this going to cost?
Less than you think it would.  Other companies try to rip you off.  If you were to do a search on the internet now, lets say on for example, they are looking to charge at $50-$100 or more USD monthly!  That's insane!!  I charge what it really costs.  Depending on your package, it will cost $12-$15usd monthly (approximately $3800L/month).

Lets discuss your plans and expectations, and I'll be able to determine what is right for you as a live music performer.

-Doubledown Tandino

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