Friday, December 18, 2009

I saw "Avatar" today. My review: It blew me Away!

James Cameron's "Avatar" is one of the most monumental films of this decade, and decades to come. Some may not realize it yet as to why, but, trust me, this movie will be so important for years.  It's on the same caliber of movie as Citizen Kane, Dances with Wolves, and Schlindler's List.

The visual effects and colors were the most magnificent I have EVER seen in a movie (the only movie that even comes close in color is a short segment in the movie "What Dreams May Come"). The 3D technology was brilliant, and the movie was not about trying to make sight gags using the 3D. 

Aside from the technical aspects being phenomenal and innovative, and the visual beauty, the story has so many layers and meanings to our real lives.

There are comparisons, undertones, symbolism, parallels and metaphors that strike deep into the core of any human viewer. Our societies, our races, our world; it hits home.  This movie has so many layers to it. ( I will not reveal anything, so I do not spoil it for anyone.  I don't want to reveal what I picked up from watching the movie.  You will want to go in fresh and absorb on your own. )

James Cameron spent $500 million on it, and it is worth every penny.

This movie is an epic brilliant masterpiece of this century. You may not realize it when you walk out of the theater... but this movie is going to be so important to the entire movie industry, and will last as one of the greatest movies ever made.

You NEED to see this film in the theater and in 3D.   Do not wait for the DVD.

UPDATE:  This Avatar review arrived on Gizmodo:  

Avatar Review: Yes, It Changed Everything After All

This review is a much better write-up on exactly what I am trying to relay in my review.  I am not a movie reviewer, but this review is what I was trying to say.

The point is,  whatever you've heard, or read, or seen in previews, it's nothing in comparison to what the movie actually IS.


Robert Hooker said...

I kept thinking "this changes everything in movies"

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

That's EXACTLY what I'm thinking too Robert. ... This movie changes EVERYTHING about movies. 10 years from now, filmmakers will still be using this movie as a resource and reference.