Monday, December 28, 2009

Ballet Pixelle Performs The Nutcracker - Monday December 28th - 5pm SLT

Monday 12/28 at 5pm - Ballet Pixelle Performs The Nutcracker
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Ballet Pixelle performs its version of the Nutcracker for those of you who have not yet seen this seasonal classic. You will be entertained by mysterious dancers on magic carpets, a Russian cossack stamping out a dance, a Chinese Empresses moving about the stage on delicate feet and Spanish senoritas throwing themselves flamboyantly.  In IBM 10.  [SLurl teleport at this link]

Ballet Pixelle

Ballet Pixelle produces professional works that creatively enhance the viewer’s experience while attending a ballet performance. Audience members can see classical, neoclassical, contemporary, and novel ballets that cannot be seen elsewhere.  New ballets are premiered with original stories, choreography, and music with dancers from around the world all dancing together in one space.
Ballet Pixelle LogoUnlike other ballet companies, Ballet Pixelle uses new technology to take the art form into a unique environment to new and existing spectators - the first and only of its kind.  The company performs in and takes advantage of a 3D Internet virtual world called Second Life®. The company creatively utilizes unique aspects of the virtual reality, e.g., transforming from human into animal or growing old on stage.  The ballet uses a new breed of dancers and a new classical ballet vocabulary created to take advantage of the innovative medium.  The dancers are virtual representations of human beings (avatars). These avatars, or virtual dancers, are real people from around the globe – Bahrain, Chicago, Denmark, England, Germany, Hawaii, Holland, New York, Seattle, Scotland, and Washington DC – that come together to captivate audiences.  Many are real life professionals.

By performing in an Internet virtual space, it breaks geo-Olmannen
graphical boundaries and time zones, and it allows new spectators to enjoy, in a unique way, a ballet performance that they may have not experienced otherwise. Ballet Pixelle drives further awareness and appreciation for the art form.

“By the end of the first act, I realized that the same emotional response that real life dance can evoke is possible in the virtual realm.”—Pixeleen Mistral of the "Second Life Herald".

Ballet Pixelle’s debut on February 7, 2007, was the world premiere of a new and unique ballet, Olmannen, an original 3-act story written, choreographed, directed and staged in the virtual world of Second Life® at the Ballet Pixelle's Theatre hosted by IBM (IBM 10 (12,191,21).

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