Saturday, December 5, 2009

Have a Site and you want your link here? Let's Exchange Links!

Would you like your link to appear on the right hand side of this blog?  All you have to do is ask. A few minor rules to getting your link onto my blog:

1) You must put my link onto your site.

2) Your site or blog must be about one of the following:
Second Life
Virtual Worlds but not relating to one specific other virtual world
Music in relation to Second Life or online performing (Internet Broadcasting)
Web Culture and/or Cyberculture
3) If your website is specifically your business, or your products, then I may or may not be interested. We would need to discuss.

The main thing is that I want more links to share, and I want this blog's link on relevant sites as well.

Step 1: Post a message in comments telling me that you have added to your site and link to your site where it is placed.

Step 2: I will check out your site and if it's appropriate, I will add your link & title to this blog.

Contact me with any questions by posting a reply in comments, or by sending me an email.

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