Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Traci Nubalo - The Word - A backstage view of the very best in Second Life music, art and events.

A backstage view of the very best in Second Life music, art and events.

About Traci:
Hello Second Life music and arts lovers!

I'm Traci Nubalo and I'm a refugee from the RL music business, formerly an artist manager, tour manager, concert promoter and music journalist.

This blog is my effort to report on what makes our Second Life music/art scene interesting. It's about the people that make the scene happen and how they work their magic to thrill us and inspire us with their writing, singing, playing and creating. Look at it as the backstage pass that most of us longed for and were never able to get our hands on.


Below is an interview Traci had with Harrie Skjellerup and POL Arida of "The Originals"

The Originals: "Gotta Wear Shades!"
by Traci Nubalo

"In mid-August of last year a grand experiment was mounted in the Second Life live music community. Scottish singer/songwriter POL Arida, relatively new to SL, noticed that the musicians making up the club scene were playing mostly “covers” (non-original copies of popular songs). POL is a talented and prolific songwriter, and he decided to try to make an attempt to encourage original musical content here on the grid.

The result was an ongoing project that he called The Originals. The opening event featured a stellar lineup of talent all performing, of course, only original compositions. During that epic “original Originals” concert, POL enlisted the future help of longtime SL music supporter Harrie Skjellerup.

I recently sat with POL and Harrie at her Pixel Hill music venue and we reminisced about the origins of this amazing and important concert series.


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