Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coming Soon - The Best of Second Life Live

Best of SL LIVE is the latest effort by the Best of SL Team to bring out the best of SL for everyone else to enjoy. This contest is for the LIVE solo singers and bands of SL - a chance for them to pit their talents against those of other LIVE vocalists - a chance to win L$25,000 and the title of the Best of Second Life Live Vocalist.

Instructions for contestants for The Best of Second Life LIVE competition:
There are two components of the competition:

1. The Audition Process:

We will be holding LIVE auditions at the One World Live Arena
All interested entrants are required to enroll in the "Best of SL LIVE" group (L$100 entry fee) by the 15th of November. Auditions start November 17th. Contestants are required to have their own audio stream and will be allowed to audition in front of our judges and perform up to 2 songs (total of 5 minutes).

At the end of the audition process, 10 contestants from each category - solo and band -will be chosen to compete against each other.

2. The Performances:

Each week beginning January 5th 2008, all contestants will perform LIVE for the judges at a different music club in SL and will be rated by them. After this, all SL citizens will be able to vote for their favorite performer at the Best of SL LIVE website (
In each subsequent week, two contestants in each category - solo and band - will be eliminated based on votes from SL citizens.

On February 9th, 2008, will be a final showdown between the last artist standing in each category, but there will only be ONE winner. SLers will choose their favorite vocal artist and give them the title "Best of Second Life LIVE!"

Instructions for the voting fans and audience of Best of Second Life LIVE
Make sure you stay informed on events and voting results - join the group "The Best of SL" for event updates

Instructions for Music Club owners, venues and sponsors
Please contact Amulya Aabye to book the event to be at your club or to sponsor gifts for the winners/judges/contestants

Ravelong SL & Doubledown's DJ Shop is a proud sponsor of the event.

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