Friday, October 19, 2007

"Metapparatus" - The $100,000L Word & The Electrolux Innovation Grant Program

Electrolux Innovation Grant Program
Published on Thursday, October 18th, 2007 by Blair

Well this afternoon Electrolux, the Gronstedt Group, and Millions of Us finally unveiled a plan we’ve been working on for quite a while. First we announced the winner of the “Invent a Word” contest. Doubledown Tandino won himself $100,000 Lindens with his word “Metapparatus - An all encompassing tool used in a virtual world to make interactions and processes easier.” The other 30 participants in the word creating exercise will earn $1,000 Lindens each as well.

Then we came to a very special announcement for our project: the Electrolux Innovation Grant Program. This is a program to really engage the Second Life community and work with them on their terms, not in pre-canned typical corporate experience way. Since Electrolux has been strongly committed to recognizing innovation within both the real world and the virtual one, this grant program is the perfect way to foster and encourage innovative minds within the community. Already the reaction from the kick off ceremony this afternoon has been overwhelming and positive.

Here’s a few choice quotes from users at the event:

[12:55] Sin Trenton: Thanks you guys for arranging this

[12:46] Doubledown Tandino: this is incredible!! ive actually been looking at ways to do this. i had no idea how to submit inventions.
[12:52] Doubledown Tandino: finally i get to utilize all these doodles and scratch pads of stuff i couldnt make!

[12:55] MSo Lambert: I’m really excited to see how Electrolux is engaging the Second Life community, thanks so much

So now we need to spread the word and let people know about this program so we can get some cool proposals in before November 1st. If you or someone you know is an aspiring Second Life inventor, creator, or innovator, get involved. Let them know we’re looking for cool people or teams to sponsor.

Here’s the official grant program guide:

Are you a Second Life innovator, creator, or inventor who wants a chance to make the great idea you’ve always had come to life? Now you can have the help you need to make your visions a virtual reality. The Electrolux Innovation Grant Program is looking for creative teams or individuals to help support cutting edge new ways of making all of our Second Lives even better.
Electrolux Innovation Grant Program

Second Life residents will be encouraged to submit ideas for useful devices designed to solve a specific challenge. They can present ideas already in development or projects that are still in the concept phase. They can work either as a team or as an individual.

Electrolux will decide among the submissions which projects they deem worthwhile, feasible, and able to be completed. From the projects they select (a number at their discretion) they can then award them significant amounts of grant money in Linden dollars based on merit.

Submission criteria:
1. Describe the problem you’re trying to address.
2. Describe a thoughtful, cutting-edge and innovative solution that is based on consumer insights.
3. Describe how you or your team is prepared to meet that challenge.
4. Describe how long you think it will take your team to complete the project.
5. Be as detailed as possible. How is this innovative? Will it be free or for sale? How will it help Second Life users?

A private team of Second Life innovators, Electrolux employees, Gronstedt Group representatives, and Millions of Us members.

Grants will be awarded in amounts of $25,000 Lindens for accepted proposals. Upon reaching a decided upon halfway milestone, a second $25,000 grant will be given. Projects that are finished and released into the community will be given a final $50,000 Linden award grant.

As a special recognition, the project completed and deemed most innovative by the judges will have its inventor or team avatars be permanently added to the display of great innovator paintings in the Innovision Hub.

Entrants own the intellectual property rights to their entries. Electrolux will NOT own the invention. If inventors would like to name or include Electrolux’s Innovation label on their product somehow of their own choice, we definitely are open to that.

Grant proposals should be submitted by Thursday, November 1st. At that time grant winners will be contacted within 7 business days by Electrolux. Further group meetings to discuss projects will be held weekly at the Innovision Hub.

Send your Electrolux Innovision Grant Program proposals to

Alright Second Lifers, get the word out there!

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