Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunday October 14th - RUTHED! & Other SL Mishaps - Opening Gala 1pm-3pm (slt)


adj. A conditional identity one may encounter while traveling between realms in Second Life usually resulting in auburn dome hair, abnormal ugliness, sexual androgeny, and an overall confused sense of self.

Photography Exhibition & Opening Gala
at Simply Elegant
Turvile (235, 193, 40)

SUNDAY October 14th 1pm - 3pm
Featuring some of SL’s celebritiesand many other shifty characters.
Music provided by Doubledown Tandino
The gallery will be on display throughout October.
Presented by Isolde Flamend & Doubledown Tandino

The Avastar - Issue 43
- Event of the Week

Reuters - Event of the Week

Isolde Flamand

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