Wednesday, October 3, 2007

SAVE LAUK’S NEST: Celebrating a jewel of Second Life

The drive to save Lauk’s Nest from doom as a result of the sudden European Value Added Tax policy imposed by Linden Lab continues in the best way that the Second Life art community knows how - with an awareness-building art show and music event!

Come join us on Saturday, 6 October at Lauk’s Nest in Second Life’s Alviso sim for an afternoon (evening, if you’re in Europe) of joyous activism as we try to rally resident support for this wonderful place in Second Life.

Artists - visual and musical - will be added throughout the course of the week, so check back in for an updated list of event.


Alizarin Goldflake
Yarosh Nohkan
Cyanide Seelowe
Sabine Stonebender
Gore Suntzu
Sunn Thunders
elros Tuominen
Morris Vig
Breeze Winnfield
Ub Yifu
More to come!


Andreus Gustafson

Moshang Zhao
Doubledown Tandino

Gary Kohime

Via Second Arts


Anonymous said...

I am not sure I understand why the benefit when according to the About Land the Lauk's Nest is set for sale to Philip Linden for L$2 million dollars.

Brad Reason/DJ Doubledown said...

It is not a benefit. It is an event to raise the awareness of the VAT & LL situation. Mainly to discuss facts, and the effects the VAT implementation is causing.