Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pangaea Island & Herbie Hancock Remix Contest

Your track - and He wants to hear it.

Remixing is just one possibility. Produce and record your own song inspired by Herbie Hancock's music. Take elements from any Hancock track - play or combine them in your own way and show Herbie what it means for you.

With this special remix contest hosted by the renowned Jazz musician Herbie Hancock, Universal Music Germany will launch the new brand Pangaea Island. Hancock's early engagement with new musical forms of expression made him a pioneer in the generation of electronic sound in music. Launched along with Ableton, this contest is intended as jump start of activities which focuses on the musical potential of virtual worlds like Second Life - including its advancement and promotion.

The winner of the contest can expect Abletons "Live 7" program, amounting to 599 USD, and the chance of a follow-up release by Universal Music Germany.


All you have to do is after you have listen to Herbie Hancock: Send an e-mail to

Afterwards we will send you a link to the piano track of the Song Solitude from Herbie Hancock`s New Album River: The Joni Letters.

Regardless if you use this track for your own creation, or not, there are two possibilities to bring your track into the contest.

A) The first is to upload it at Vudyo ( in the "Herbie Hancock Remix Contest Group". This gives you and us the chance to get a first feedback from the audience and other participants.
B) The second opportunity is to send your finished track to
Deadline is the 15.11.2007 / in case of extension the 01.12. 2007.

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