Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nicholaz' Viewers for Virtual Live Performers

I edited the original title from Nicholaz' Viewers for Virtual Worlds

Nicholaz, mid-may released some amazing Second Life viewers (you know, you click the SL hand on your desktop? well this dude's got a different hand that loads different stuff).
I thought I would post this here because I was suprised to find out that so many SLers don't know there are alternate viewers for SL..... better ones!

The reason I bring this up here, is in relation to performers in SL.
Anyone streaming live knows the issue of:
SL + stream + not a great computer + not enough bandwidth = crappy show

So I recommend checking out their versions of SL viewers. They are lighter, and will take up less resources. Plus, Nicholaz provides options to remove things you don't want there stealing your bandwidth... such as voice, or water, or the sky.... who need nature crap loading when you're tryin to rock the party?

Nicholaz' Viewers for Virtual Worlds

If you've always thought you've had such a bad SL experience, try these out.
Especially if you have an old computer, try the "old school" version.

Eye Candy: current official viewer (good if your have 1.19 installed already and if your computer can handle atmospheric bliss).
Bleeding Edge: (good if your machine can't handle the fancy sky rendering or has problems with 1.19., it still gives you voice and the search all tab.)
Old School: (before voice and chatterbox, rock solid workhorse, good for performance challenged machines and luddites :-)).
Snow Blind: 1.20.RC6 (bright skin, just experimental, expect problems, use at your own discretion)

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Barney said...

Yep, they are still very useful. Additionally Henry Beauchamp has h is Cool Viewer ready, too ( which has even more UI reverts and other patches.

Oh, and all of the browsers are available for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux), so musicians should be able to use them regardless of what OS they use to stream. They definitely help a lot with some of the more standard problems like memory bloat (which is a big pain if you stream, because sooner or later your SL client will make your machine stutter on streaming)