Thursday, June 12, 2008

5 Websites That Make the RIAA Irrelevant (by RAC)

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5 Websites That Make the RIAA Irrelevant
Jun 11, 2008 in remix from

Here at RAC, we’re all about doing things ourselves, and we decided to share a bit about some methods we recommend. Record labels are scrambling to figure out the next business model, and these sites are giving the power back to the musicians.

* TheSixtyOne - These guys are revolutionizing the way you discover music. It’s an interactive game-like web app that makes listening to new music fun and helps you find your audience. RAC is currently standing strong at NUMBER 1!

* TuneCore - Did you ever wonder how to get your music on itunes? Well, for about 20 bucks you can get it not only on itunes, but amazon, emusic, rhapsody, and many more.

* JamGlue - web-based online remixing

* Reaper - Do you hate Pro-Tools like us? Or do you not want to pay the ridiculous amount for the hardware? Well, there is a nice alternative that was created by the same guy as Winamp 2.91 (the best version to date).

* Beatport - Sure this one is relatively well known, but it’s a fabulous tool for electronic musicians to sell their music and share it with fans.

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