Monday, June 9, 2008

Content Theft, Avatar Rights, the RIAA, & The Sound of Music

Wonderful genius Gwyneth Llewelyn comes to us with two brilliant posts regarding the future of music, technology, and the internet. These are must reads!

Content Theft, Avatar Rights, and the RIAA
You had to be very distracted to have missed the recent massive cry-out against content theft in Second Life. As the world grows, and as griefers and similar people commit misdemeanours all the time and get away with it, the situation can not improve by itself, as more and more petty residents find out that the best way to make money in SL — sometimes a cartful of money — is by illegitimate means. ..READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


The Sound of Music
Not so long ago, I commented on the future of music distribution via virtual worlds like Second Life®. It is still my belief that we’re assisting at the end of an age where music distribution via records/tapes/CDs and earning an income from royalties is coming to an end. While “free information activists” have long since predicted the downfall of the RIAA and the end of “music piracy” as a crime, they usually just address one side of the issue: consumers, who currently have sidestepped the distribution model by essentially exchanging music for free. Initiatives like Apple’s iTunes tend to combine both models: easy music distribution for a very low price and making sure that the musician gets a cut from the profit.
But these models completely forget one major player in the music industry: the musicians and performers themselves.

How, indeed, shall they survive, if their music is freely copied? ..READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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Gwyneth Llewelyn said...

Ooh thanks for the heads-up! I just noticed you've posted this article half a year ago... and yes, the question is still unanswered, but there seems to be a partial solution: get the music for free, but let the musicians be sponsored on live events by brands, companies, organisations, charities, etc.