Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Props to the Innovators who Revolutionized Music Distribution & Telecommunications

While watching Colbert Report (June 17th) his guest was Jonathan Zittrain, author of The Future of the Internet--And How to Stop It .

Anyway, not that the author had anything uninteresting to say, but I'm guessing the author prefers that the mainstream never started using the net... and crap like myspace is junking up the supposedly limited supply of space for filejunk, and there's probably a section about his thoughts on why we cannot have net neutrality, because someday the bandwidth supply will run out... I dunno, I got the impression that the book wasn't something I was gonna read. Then the author went in to mention how hackers possibly have potentially already placed files onto your computers, and they are programmed to explode on a future date..... aaaaaannnnywayyyy.

The purpose of this blog post, is to give props to Niklas Zennström, Janus Friis, and Priit Kasesalu!!! Kazaa and FastTrack were created by Niklas, Janus, and Priit (all of whom were later to create Skype and later on still Joost). It was introduced by their Dutch company Consumer Empowerment in March 2000, near the end of the first generation of P2P networks typified by the shut down of Napster on July 2002.

These guys revolutionized much more than what they are given credit for.. These three completely rendered two leechingly successful industries useless (or heading towards outta there): the music industry and the telecommunications industry. Niklas, Janus, and Priit did SO much more than many will know. I do believe over time, these three will be recognized as people on top 100 lists of people that changed the world... eventually.... they are the initiators that will eventually put the music business and the phone business out of business.

(PS, if you're saying to yourself, no way music industry or telecom industry will ever go out of business.... no, their companies may not, but they will also advance to new things. But consider this, both industries are complaining massive losses in the millions over past years. Sony's music dept complains on a daily basis of how they're losing millions and if it continues they don't even know what'll happen. As for telecom companies; skype, VOIP, and such aren't mainstream yet, but they will be... once companies realize they can make international calls for free from any computer, they'll be a shift in the phone industry too.

Verizon and Orange seem to be doing okay.

Yay smart people that invent stuff. I bet the dudes that invented the typewriter, fax machine, and beeper were crazy pissed when they were rendered unwanted and pointless.

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