Friday, June 13, 2008

SpaceJunky on CNN & SLNN + the AcidPlanet Remix Contest

"Real Life/ Second Life band SpaceJunky's involvement [in SL] has resulted in Sony Creative Software's AcidPlanet hosting a remix contest for SpaceJunky's song Gravitational Pull. This is the same remix contest that they have hosted for artists [such as] Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Nine Inch Nails and Black Eyed Peas."

In the band's unique tradition of involving fans as much as possible, SpaceJunky is asking SL residents to participate in the contest. The winner will have his/her name credited next to the song's remix title. AcidPlanet is offering other prizes as well.

Contestants need to create a remix of Space Junky's song, "Gravitational Pull." According to the AcidPlanet website, contestants don't need to have the Acid software to make the remix, but they suggest doing so because the software is easy to use. Additonally, contestants will need to download loops from the song, which are available on the AcidPlanet website once interest has been registered. After creating the remix, upload the song.

The contest closes on July 11. SpaceJunky will pick their favorite remix as the winner. Other favorite remixes will be broadcast during in-world performances; dates will be announced after the winner is picked.

According to the band's publicist, Bella Dutton, SpaceJunky chose to bring the contest to Second Life because of the band's own success here.

"It would be a good thing for all of Second Life to participate in," Dutton said. "There are a lot of talented people here."

Questions can be addressed via IM or notecard to Bella Dutton. Dutton is also the contact for requests to join the Alphacrew of Space Junky group for the latest news and updates about the band. For more information on Space Junky, visit the band's official web site,
The news clip that attracted Sony's attention can be found on by clicking this link.
To enter into the remix contest, visit Sony's AcidPlanet Web Site.

Space Junky Shares Real Life Success with Second Life Residents
Delaynie Barbosa (June 11, 2008) writes an article on the group which is mostly promotional info.
Check out the latest news on the SpaceJunky HERE

On a sidenote, Second Life is becoming a great connection for collaborations and remixes of music. Remix contests are making their way into Second Life more and more.
The first ever music remix contest in SL happened to be the one I arranged, and we ended with an awesome listening party and approximately 10 very cool submissions. Although I like to claim that I created the first ever remix contest in Second Life, there were many many musicians collaborating looong before me.. and they met in Second Life. In fact... my "remix contest" dissolved from a contest when all the contestants agreed to just split the winnings and congratulate everyone. But that was just the simple beginnings. Since then, we've had very cool remix projects from musicians like Lovespirals, Herbie Hancock, and now SpaceJunky. Meanwhile others are doing the remixing, such as Moshang Zhao releasing his album Asian Variations.

Second Life is VERY VERY COOL! I cannot say this enough. Musicians, artistic people, creative people, are coming together in Second Life, and making music together...and in many variable methods. Some are jamming live across the world through ninjam technology, while others are passing compositions back and forth to create final polished works. All this, very cool stuff.

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