Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Linden Lab took my F*cking Desk!

I come in to my office today to find my desk stolen. Well, not stolen. Taken away! Suspect #1: Linden Lab

In a recent Linden Lab 'je ne sais quoi' they took down a bunch of what was once believed to be specific stolen/duplicated content. Later, we find out, it was all an accident ( I am willing to bet it was within two mouseclicks ). I have posted my thoughts on Second Arts since Morris offered up the topic to discuss.
However,..... now it's allll different! Things have changed. Linden Lab took my fucking desk! Nothing else... just my desk. They even left my chair. What company goes into another company's office and takes their damn desk? I'll tell ya who... mobsters and repo men....
I had papers. Important papers. Business papers... all layed out... organized.... ON A DESK.... there were bins too! Where are my paper bins?! Welp, my desk is gone now. I guess the creator may have been a content theft, but still, where am I supposed to think about buying a new desk now? I don't have a place to think about thinking about buying a desk?

Notice they did leave the two GAMBLING machines on the wall.
$2L Lightning pay!... they left that, but they take the desk.

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