Friday, June 29, 2007

alienspeaking Zsigmond @ - 6/29/07

Welcome to alienspeaking HQ. The alienstream happens every Friday when four aliens get together (and the fifth sometimes joins in live over the Internet) to scratch and spin, freestyle, shout out and make general hip hop electro breaks noise, LIVE from Outer Rim Studios in Canberra Australia.

Join the growing alien crew here for our Friday 2AM PST party, bring your dancin' shoes and a good attitude and get down with like minded aliens.

On stage is a replica of what we use during our live sets in the studio. All the objects (except the chair and table) here were hand built by the aliens, from 100% Australian electrons :)

Enjoy yourself, go easy on the sex stuff, no violence, take off your weapons, the aliens come in peace and so should you.

For more info check the website:

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