Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DJs Chosen for the Second Life Community Convention

DJs chosen for the SLCC

Hey everyone! There has been a lot things dealing with DJs for the SLCC - and while I had hoped to have this list earlier, due to complications I was not able to announce everyone! I am glad to announce that everything has been cleared and here are the announcements of those already chosen to DJ’s for the SLCC and a tentative schedule.

Radio Style DJ’s (Friday Night)
Originally these DJ’s were to DJ during the conference on Saturday, but because of major complications, we bumped it a day early, and are going to have the radio style DJ’s perform on Friday (which works out better time wise as well). In the case of several DJ’s from a radio station wishing to perform, rather than having each DJ perform, I’ve assigned a time slot for that particular radio station, and they can do what they wish with that slot. On Friday, this event is tentatively timed to happen from 8pm to 2am. Each grouping would be an hour long. Currently, the groupings are:
Radio Radio
Stormy Wilde
Naydee McGettigan
Ganesha Xi
Chelle Moore
Danielle Ferguson

Performance Style DJ’s (Masquerade). Those performing at the Masquerade are performance style DJ’s, and will be performing from 8pm to 2am, each roughly an hour. In no order those performing for the Masquerade are:
DJ Doubledown Tandino
Nexeus Fatale
Nala Galatea
Maxx Monde
Nitron Xi

Podcasters before the DJs perform on Friday, SecondCast will be hosting their podcast live from the SLCC on Friday at 7pm. Additional performers during the Masquerade, Slim Warrior and Flaming Moe will be accompanying performances during the beginning of the Masquerade with a DJ performing with them.
There will be an upcoming meeting for all of the DJs, stay tuned!
Thank you for your patience and your understanding and I can’t wait till things get started!
- Nexeus Fatale

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