Saturday, June 30, 2007

Second Fest - Day 2 - June 30th, 2007

Slim Warrior Performing at Chill Island

Matt Black of Coldcut:

I got to catch Slim Warrior's show which was great. But after I left chill island I couldn't find much spectacular going on. The mainstage had stream problems all day, the indie tent was just not my style of tune at all, another area just had someone just playing a full CD (I could hear the blips in between each track). The dance tent was pretty happening all day. I had a blast at Coldcut's show, even though the stream was dropping constantly. I don't know why they insisted on streaming with video quicktime instead of a shoutcast stream. The chill area's music was generally flawless, whilst all the other areas were having constant streaming problems.

It was also kind of a big drag when people started chatting about discovering that hardly any of the performers were playing live. Instead they were broadcasting live sets from days prior at shows in RL. The concept is cool, that a bunch of RL events just recently took place and they're streaming all those RL events into one large SL weekend festival. That's excellent!

But, the #1 key factor the organizers forgot to do was explain that they are previously recorded live concerts streaming in.... not LIVE MUSIC. I found it to be a hassle having to go around the event all day and basically defend the event and explain how this is a cool fest.... but people weren't really thrilled finding out the music (other than the chill island) wasn't live.

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