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Mankind Tracer sets up fund for aspiring SL live musicians - (SLNN)

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Mankind Tracer sets up fund for aspiring SL live musicians
by by Esther DeCuir
June 20, 2007

Mankind Tracer
ADEN- Those disturbed at the prospect of paying to hear music in Second Life are not alone. Mankind Tracer, Second Life musical composer and performer is just fired up enough about it to start the Mankind Tracer New Artist Program (MTNAP) to counter what could become a ticket-charging trend in SL.

Tracer’s first foray into fundraising for the MTNAP is to organize a multi-site musical event. Tracer plans a two hour live concert, which will be performed at the Guard Den of Aden, and will be simulcast to several other locations on Saturday, June 23 from 2-4 pm SLT.
The concert has two purposes. First, to raise awareness of the rising cost of seeing live music in SL, and the second is to raise funds for the MTNAP. Tracer envisions that the MTNAP will help new artists promote themselves in SL, which can be very intimidating to new residents.

"The MTNAP will…provide promising new SL musical artists help…in the many aspects of live streaming, instrument procurement, production, engineering, even musical arrangement if need be," Tracer said.

He is not only organizing this event, but he is donating all his time and out of pocket expenses because "there are so many worthy and talented artists who deserve the same results I have achieved," he said.

Tracer came up with the idea of simulcasting the event in multiple locations to combat the annoying problems associated with overcrowded sims during an event.
Tracer is a real life musician, performer and composer and has written some new compositions for this event, and will also be playing some of his past work. More information on Tracer can be found at his web sites, and

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