Saturday, June 16, 2007

DJ Doubledown @ Maximus Minimus & Scope Clever Merger Celebration

Scope Cleaver and Maximilian Milosz joins forces!􀀂
You are hereby kindly invited to the opening of Max and Scope's new joined stores.
When:Saturday June 16th at 12:00 noon PDT/SLT

Shared vision:

The best way to predict the future is to build it. Virtual worlds are that of an infinite blank slate with endless possibilities, it's a playground where imagination meets reality. We will seek beauty, style, quality and ideas through design integrity, determination, patience and hard work. Our mission is to create and lead a community where we can share our vision with like-minded residents. Our collaboration and cooperation will rest on these principles.

What's new:

Scope will open his sim to the public for the first time and unveil his magnificent new store. A sleek new line of furniture will also be made available for the first time.Maximilian will be releasing a whole new range of various furniture, home accessories and the surprise first release in a line of new products.

Our future plans:

As a result of outstanding support, positive feedback and accelerating demand from our loyal customers, we will reveal more details regarding our joint effort in the time to come: A Modern Virtual Lifestyle Community. Six additional sims have been reserved that will be able to expand up to at least 44 regions. We want to meet, engage and stimulate the people in Second Life who are ready to live and lead this world in design.
Hope to see you thereBest regards
Scope Cleaver, SCDA

Maximilian Milosz, Maximum Minimum

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