Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Breaking the Doubledown Tandino Story and Blog Love

Rik Riel, a great all-around positive SL contributor and a proactive creative mind like myself, broke the story first... even before I could get it on this blog here :O)

Morris Vig has posted a blog entry about this too

Yes, I, Brad Reason slash Doubledown Tandino, will be going full time into SL by July 2007.
I have already quit my RL job and am starting the process of transitioning my life (real life that is). I am not quitting my RL job TO be in Secondlife full time.... ... more that it's time for a real life change, so I quit my job, which will in turn allow me to focus on Second Life..... ...however, I in no way feel that Second Life will sustain me. I do 'okay' in SL... but not even close to enough money it takes to live. I will post the full info here soon, why I decided to & what am I gonna do.....

but believe me, I have no business plan & no specific SL operations..... .... I'm just gonna go where my pixels take me.

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