Monday, June 11, 2007

Playboy is Coming to Second Life - June 12th and 13th

The event you've all be waiting for is finally here. Beginning June 12th and not stopping until the next day will be the grand opening of Playboy 10236. Come and see for yourself what the fuss has been all about and stick around to hear the awesome sounds from these talented artists;

June 12
4pm SLT Cylindria Rutabega
5pm SLT Slim Warrior
6pm SLT Dexter Ihnen
7pm SLT Hali Heron
8pm SLT Doubledown Tandino

June 13
3pm SLT Alazarin Mondrian
4pm SLT Silas Scarborough
5pm SLT Blue4U Nowika
6pm SLT MidKnight Auer
8pm SLT Doubledown Tandino

Come celebrate the Playboy way and help us get this started right.

We've got some nice surprises too. Come celebrate only the way Playboy can.

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