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Doubledown Tandino Updated Bio/Services/Resume - August 2007

Hello Friends,
As some of you know, I decided to leave my RL job, & by July I will be in Second Life full time. And.....As you all know, I love creative events and I always jump at the chance to do something collaborative and cool. I am always interested in creating possibilities. So I wanted to put myself out there to you, before the SL masses. I wanted to send this notecard to you in case you knew some of what I do, but not everything. Please keep me in mind for any upcoming projects you may be working on.
Thank you


Real Life: Brad Reason
Second Life: Doubledown Tandino

Doubledown Tandino is a professional in Marketing and Promotion as well as a DJ, Music Producer, & Event Producer and has been for over 15 years. Doubledown has created or performed in over 5000 events in the United States & over 200 projects & events within Second Life. Just recently, he decided to leave his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland as a marketing & entertainment director at a restaurant corporation to pursue new professional projects and create possibilities in Florida & within Second Life.

Doubledown, as digital music composer, editor, and mixer, has the ability to create original electronic music on-the-fly as well as compose prearranged works. The possibilities are unlimited to his sound creation and manipulation, and often learning new skills and tactics as he performs.

*Customized Event Production, Management, Promotion, Consultation.
*Customized RL into SL and SL into RL integration events and Live Music Performance.
*Live DJ bookings & scheduling.
**Second Life Live Music Performer & Live DJ
(As a Live Music Performance, Interlude Emcee/Host, and/or After-Party):
corporate events - galas - grand openings - fashion shows - art exhibitions
meet-and-greets - clubs - raves - casinos - festivals - misc. music & art events
(please contact for specific DJ booking pricing. Rate has to do with the event and the expectations. Upcoming show dates are available upon request.)
*Music Styles Include (but are not limited to):
House (deep, funky, tech, minimal, classics)
Breakbeat (classics, nuskool) & Brokenbeat
Drum-n-bass (jazzstep, liquidfunk, techstep, jumpup)
Jazz & Chill-Out (nuJazz, acid jazz, trip-hop, downtempo)
Obscure Electronica & IDM
80s & 90s HipHop
70s & 80s Funk, Motown, & Disco
80s New Wave & Rock
Classic Rock
50s & Oldies
Swing & Big Band
*Live on-the-fly Original Track & Remix Creation.
*Custom creation of music venues, event builds, performance stages, DJ booths, audio equipment, intelligent lighting, & dance floors.

*Original Music Production, Digital Editing, Remixing, Mastering – including:
land or build theme music & ambiance sound effects creation
prearranged SL wedding
prearranged club music mix
sound creation for objects
*Broadcast Streaming Server Rentals - $3800L/month - 100 listeners & 128kbps stereo max.
Larger capacity streams available also.
*File Hosting
*Website Hosting
*Audio/Music/DJ/Streaming Consultation.

*Performer, Event, & Venue Related Promotion & Marketing Consultation.
*Graphic Design, Flier Design, Logo Design & Corporate Branding (For real life and/or SecondLife)
*Performer, Event, & Venue Marketing - Promotion & Distribution.
*Business Card, Flier, & Brochure Printing (Real Life)
*Signs – Promotion Related, Tips, Info Givers, URL Redirectors, Performer Displays, Neon & Blacklight, Picture Cyclers

*Classes & Instruction : DTDJ Seminar Series :: Becoming a working DJ or musician in Second Life
DTDJ1: "Setting up a broadcasting stream to play live"
DTDJ2: "Finding your music style / song selection (for DJs)"
DTDJ3: "The art of promotion in Second Life"
DTDJ4: "How to get gigs in Second Life"
DTDJ5: “Audio Guide to Electronic Music”

*SL Developer Directory - Music, dj, event, club, and promotion training and consultation.
AMD - Metaversatility - Playboy - Starfruit/Electric Sheep Company - House of Nyla - Metaverse Messenger - Menorca - The Guardian/Rivers Run Red/SecondFest - Wolfhaven Productions - Club Republik - Oyster Bay - Rockcliffe University - OMG Magazine - SL Business Magazine - SecondTunes - - Swedish Resource Center - Circe's Circle Radio

Second Life DJ STORE:

-Custom & Prefab DJ Booths and Stages
-Pro Audio Prim-Detail DJ Equipment
-Low Prim Mobile DJ Equipment
-3d Intelligent Lighting & Light Systems
-Turntables-Mixers-Speakers-DJ Animations-Dancefloors
-Audio Broadcast Stream Rentals
-Biospaces - DJ, Club, & Event, Promotion and Booking Services

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