Friday, July 13, 2007

HariboKiller Martynov @ Club SH-3013 - 7/13/07

Club SH-3013
Excellent set by DJ HariboKiller Martynov. Minimal- Tech - adding elements of UK garage. I was impressed with his unique style, and his ability to prolong builds to unsuspecting locations in the mix. He has a talent for moving beats around to have the explosion and build whenever he wants them. The beatplay and unsuspecting turns make HariboKiller's set exciting and fresh.
He has a way (which is hard to explain in writing which is why you should check out these DJs I write about so you can hear them) in which he sorta just throws beats out there, like he's throwing some eggs and potatoes into a pan. And he pokes at the beats with a spatula, and serves up a delicious breakfast of electronic sounds.

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SH said...

Thanx a lot Mr Double, awwww very nice report...
There are two person which hide behind the Haribo Killer avatar...Haribo Killer & his brother MANdrill...they together are NEUPHON...

More info and pics on

NB. If u want to listen to them one more time, stay tuned at SUNDAY at SH-3013 SAP (Sunday Afternoon Party)...from 6am to 2pm SLT.
get the program on SAP session will be with Kemmi Kamachi(NL), GW Raymaker(ITA) & Neuphon (CH/F).