Monday, July 9, 2007

VOTE on SL Issue MISC-378 - The Ability to Keep our Stream Links PRIVATE! (Updated)

PLEASE vote on this issue so we may keep our streams private.

The "View Administration Options" (in 'client' dropdown menu) allows anyone access to view the audio stream link and the video stream link selected to stream into the land. Only the individual or group that has access to that parcel should have access to view the audio stream link and video stream link.

There are multiple reasons as to why we need this to happen immediately. Due to the nasty climate of the conditions arising with internet radio and broadcasting over the net, it is in the best interest of any streamer or stream provider to have the ability to keep their stream links private and unpublished.
Please take a few seconds and vote:
Update: Obviously this is not a solution to hide a stream link. What I am hoping LL will do is any and all steps to limit the link access since SL could provide that. No it is not a bug, it is just the first easy feature to remove in a series of steps to limit access.
The poster there thinks my attitude towards this issue is in dire need of support and the #1 cause currently in our world.... All I want is for people to become aware that it's not a good thing that a stream broadcast link in SL can be viewed publically. SL could make our stream links more private.


vint falken said...

Wouldn't it be still visible in 'de-bug'?

Dalien said...

As a live musician, I'd say I'd enjoy
the audience for me going beyond just SL while I am playing live.

As a geek, I'd say there were already a bunch of ways to get the URL of the stream already.

Executive summary: a minor bug at most, IMHO.

More details here